Ryanair Baggage Allowance

When you purchase a Ryanair flight, you get no hold baggage allowance, if you wish to take a bag over 10kg you need to check it in and the baggage fee for a checked bag starts from £15 per person per flight for a 15kg bag.

The maximum weight of your carry-on cabin baggage is 10 kg and the maximum size of your bag cannot exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20 cm. If you can fit all your luggage in your hand luggage, you can save the baggage fee of taking a checked suitcase.  Ryanair’s website lists all current info on baggage restrictions.

Top tips for saving money on Ryanair baggage charges:

  1. Buy some Digital Luggage Scales & always check your luggage weight before you go to the airport
  2. Buy an ultra lightweight backpack at the max size for hand luggage, like this one currently 50% off at Amazon – or view our other lightweight luggage recommendations

Also remember to check the rules about prohibited items and carrying liquids on to the aircraft on Ryanair.com.

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